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Sharon's Eco-Cleaning LLC

Murfreesboro Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company

Ready for a cleaning company that is professional, friendly, and trustworthy?

Why Choose Us?


Our eco-friendly products are safe for your home - and you. Your environment is important to us.

Licensed and Insured

We are licensed and insured so that you can be confident that your home or office is in good hands.

Fast Estimates

Your estimate is as fast as a quick visit from us. Or, even faster, you can send us a photo of each room.


Residential Cleaning

Whether you need regular monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly service, or if you need a single deep clean, our residential cleaning focus is always on making life easier for you. Our highly trained, professional cleaning teams use eco-friendly and natural products to make your home sparkle while protecting you, your family, and your pets.

Every room in your home has its own unique cleaning challenges, and we know you don’t always have the time to thoroughly tackle them all. Not only do we provide the basics like vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down appliances, you can also use us for customized jobs including harder to clean items like windows, cabinets, baseboards, and ovens.

We meet your expectations and do it all, naturally.

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Commercial Cleaning

Your well-maintained office is critical to making the right impression for your clients and future customers. Finding the right team for your commercial and janitorial cleaning needs doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sharon’s Eco-Cleaning makes your office environment clean and healthy by using natural cleaning products and expecting high standards.

You can receive services such as trash disposal, dusting, bathrooms, break rooms, and vacuuming, and even deep cleans are all part of our office cleaning menu. And we do it all while consistently maintaining the security of your commercial investment.

Whether you have a bank, restaurant, medical office, school, or corporate location, we want be a part of your team! Get in touch with us today to get a free quote and a custom program targeted to specifically meet the needs of your business.

Cleaning for Property Managers and Realtors

First and foremost, the homes that you as property managers, realtors, and builders sell and rent have to be clean. They also must stay consistently show-ready while they are on the market. You don’t have time for mediocre cleaning and unreliable service.

Our eco-friendly cleaning teams are exactly what you need to present the best products every time. Your clients will feel comfortable knowing their potential home or office space was cleaned with natural products that won’t harm their family members, employees, or pets. They’ll see move-in ready, sanitized surfaces free from dust, construction debris, and previous tenant belongings every time. For thorough move-in or move-out cleanings you can depend on, get in touch with us today for a fast, free quote.

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What Makes Us Different?

Eco-Friendly for Your Home or Business

The cleaning products you choose to use in your home or business can affect your health, the health of your family and employees, and the environment. Many people have come to rely on popular cleaning products because of billions of dollars in effective, if not always truthful, marketing campaigns. But the fact remains, toxic chemicals in cleaning products can make you sick. Sometimes they have ingredients that have been shown to be carcinogenic, trigger asthma, or cause skin conditions.

For the most part, heavy duty chemicals aren’t needed for regular cleaning. Sharon’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning uses high-quality alternatives made from natural safe ingredients. Along with that, a little elbow grease goes a long way.

Find out more about our commitment to make your environment safe and clean with a fast, free quote today.

Licensed and Insured for Your Protection

Sure, you want a clean house, reliable service, and natural cleaning products. But when you make the decision to have someone clean your home or business, you should take licensing and insurance into consideration as well. This is to ensure your belongings, possessions, and investments are safe, and it helps protect you from liability should there be an accident or damage.

Sharon’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning is licensed and insured to give you complete peace of mind when using our services. Of course, our first priority is always safety and avoiding any accidents or losses in the first place. Our training - focusing on paying attention, potential hazards, and handling items with care - reflects this in all we do.

Fast and Easy No-Hassle Estimates

We know you’re busy, so we have set up our estimate process to be simple and efficient. We can either come to your property at your convenience and provide you with a quote, or you can send photos via email. Either way, you’ll get a customized estimate taking into consideration exactly what you need for your home or business.

Our services our environmentally friendly, licensed and insured, and come with a solid 100% satisfaction guarantee. We keep our rates affordable to make it easy for you to say Yes. Relax and feel secure knowing all of your cleaning tasks are off your To-Do list. Get in touch with us today to get your free quote.

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